2 in 1 mig33 v4.20.290 by amadnoy

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2_in_1_mig33_v4.20.290_by_ amadnoy.jar

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*** Main Menu ***
- 20 Set Save IDs
- Pass Changer Multy
- Account Check Balance
- Flood with 12 Change Emot
- Flood with Number
- Manual Flood
- List Kick
- Auto Enter
- Auto List
- Hide Multy
- Manual Kick By ID Type
- Auto Save All Function

For Load Multy ID, 1st Go To Install Drive, Go To Data Flooder, Then Go to Multy Set Flooder, then Edit Troop.txt File, Troop1 = Load1 & Troop2 = Load2

*** Boomer ***
- 2 x 16 Save Load
- Boom [ GC, Pvt, Mail, Add ]
- 1st Add All Multy ID in Ur Inviter ID Then Login Multy ID and Set Target ID and Click Boom Target
- Auto Save Function

*** Roll ***
- Unlimited Multy Login with Same Pass
- Bullet Roll Flood
- IP Resolver

*** One Bot ***
- Nothing Specialsame As previous

*** Troubleing By Knouck Out Game ***
- 5 ID Login and Save Load
- Check Account
- Login Spy For Game On Off
- Manual Login
- Unlimited Flood In Privvate Room

*** Group Chat Flooder ***
- Login Socket
- U Can Flood By Number Or Changeing Emot
- 1st GroupChat Key
- Inviter ID
- Status Monitor
- IP Resolver
- Auto Save Function

*** Brutal ***
- Save 4 Set
- Login 500 Socket
- 10 Target with Bullet Speed Kick
- Auto List
- Auto Enter
- Spy login
- Protect list
- Auto Save Function

*** Unlimited Pass Changer ***
- Load Unlimited IDs
- Add Manual ID
- Change All Pass
- 1st Edit The Instaling Drive\mmf By Naim\data\troops\changer 1dtxt

*** Wall Poster ***
- You Can Post Wall By Unlimited Multy ID

*** Mute & Unmute ***
- You Can Mute and Unmute At a Time Room User
- Just Block Usr By 1 Click & Unblock 1 click

*** Winamp Updater ***
- Auto Save Function
- Set Presence
- Set Ur Mind Text
- System Tray

*** Chat ***
- Room Chat Auto List
- List Kick
- Account Check
- Set Presence
- Auto Save Function

*** Low Card Game Update ***
- Play with 2 ID
- Fastest Auto Draw
- Draw Manual
- Auto Join
- Auto Start Game
- Draw By Time
- Auto Riim List
- Player Count
- Account Check

- Room Chat


Tr4nsf0rm3rz Roll Flooder By Cute_Bachi

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 Roll Flooder Features:

Unlimited IDs Login

Chatroom ADD Option
Own Text Fast Roll Flooding
Fast IDs Login
Set Serrial Multi IDs
320 char. txt send
Dc Codes Flood
Fasted Enter Left Roll
Text Counter Roll
Auto Multi IDs lvl Checker
Auto Balance Checker
Download At:


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DASTAN IMAN FAROSHON KI ( sultan Salah udin Ayubi ) - Part 2

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ChrisTV Online Premium Edition 6.80 Incl Serial

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Special program for converting of your computer into a television set and radio receiver. CHRISTV Online! allows to look over the enormous amount of TV-channels, wireless stations and other audio-video material, translated through a network the Internet. For everything it is utillized only connection with the Internet, and it is needed no additional equipment. In the base of the program CHRISTV Online! there are more than 800 televisional channels and more than 600 wireless stations from 100 countries of the world, the list of which brushes up daily. The choice of channels can be made after a figure, to the type, category, language, name of the station. Favourite tele- and wireless stations it is possible to add to the list favourite channels which will be shown separately in a general list.
Install Notes
2.install setup
3.use any of serials



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